A cliched start to this new blog I know but please, bear with me! In all the areas I provide training in, lone-working is the one subject where I find the expectations of delegates hardest to reach. There is so much I can tell you about lone-working and, yet, the next time you go out, or work late by yourself, you could easily find yourself in a situation that makes you feel alone and vulnerable. 99% of the time (do not quote me on this figure!) all will be OK and the correct training, procedures, good old fashioned common sense and a touch of luck will see you through to safety. And when luck, timing, planning, whatever, does not go your way, will you remember that training session, that paragraph in the policy, that piece of advice from a manager or a colleague? Well, maybe. Maybe not.

I think what we can hope for is that you will find a safe route out of trouble by calling on a combination of the aforementioned as a result of, a) an employer who has invested sufficient time and resources in keeping their lone-workers safe and, b) a personal commitment by you to ensure that you do all you can to mitigate against the day to day risks.

And so, I hope this forum simply enables you to keep discussing this topic, make the most of the learning resources available, listen to others’ experiences and, hopefully, form a community of like-minded people working together to help keep each other safe. This is the approach I now take with lone-working training sessions and workshops. A far greater emphasis on discussions (some structured, some not) allowing delegates to gain confidence from their peers and come away from the session knowing that they are not alone.

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