I stumbled across this on Google while researching a new lone worker awareness workshop session. Tucked away on web pages that now support counter fraud work in the NHS, NHS Protect left the security management scene in March 2017 with this being one of their last publications. A culmination of many years of building expertise in this area, this document offers comprehensive advice and support to hundreds of thousands of healthcare staff and managers who face lone working challenges every day.  If you don’t have the time and/or inclination to read through all 35 pages then here are some of the the highlights…

Pages 7 and 8 – the legislation that protects healthcare staff

Page 16 – buddy systems

Pages 24 to 28 – technology options

Page 34 – dynamic risk assessment aide-memoire

If there is one criticism, the case studies (page 31 onwards) offer valuable real life scenarios for staff to learn from but could have benefited from further details of solutions that were, or could have been put in place pre and post incident.

Document available below, contact me if the link vanishes into the web ether..


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