Well no-one is the answer. Whether you are home or work, any cold calls from the companies you do business with should be treated with suspicion. This latest BBC report..


..involves gangs targeting victims pretending to be from their bank. In the cases of charities, who have been specifically targeted, access by fraudsters to banking details held in the public domain make the calls seem all the more realistic. Constant reminders need to be sent to staff, and ourselves, to make sure we always challenge callers and insist on calling them back. Using details we find for ourselves on the internet rather than anything they have given us. Again, and similar to my last post, a challenge for the banking industry who still need/want to make ‘genuine’ cold calls to customers every day. Despite the best efforts of Trading Standards, the police, the ICO, Action Fraud and many others in the public and private sectors, we are almost at the stage where we need a stand alone body (dare I say a quango :)) to take charge of this whole matter and co-ordinate pro-active solutions to help protect us all from ever more sophisticated, or well timed/opportune, scamming. At the moment it all feels too easy for the fraudsters and leaves me, for one, feeling that myself, my family and my company are only one 5 minute call away from being a victim.

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