This is the latest incident to effect the ambulance service. Shocking. And thankfully we still regard it as shocking and certainly not ‘part of the job’. Over the past few months, while providing staff with security awareness training, I have heard staff recall abuse from parents and pupils face to face and, for those dealing with the public, a variety of verbal abuse received over the phone, on social media, by email, in person and at public consultation events. Somethings are out of our control, some people will act on this way no matter what deterrent actions we have taken. But that shouldn’t stop us trying to support staff. To start with we need to listen to their concerns and put in local procedures. This can be followed by reviewing organisation policies and procedures. We can then look at pro-active work to include awareness campaigns, conflict training and police liaison. As long as we are showing support, staff should not feel powerless to act and should never ever get to the point where we hear the words ‘it’s just part of the job’.


Please do get in touch if you want to know more about the staff workshops that we run or to find out how we can support your organisation with policy and procedure changes and investigations support.

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