Lone Worker Workshops


“enjoyed workshop format rather than being talked at for 2 hours”

“interesting listening to other colleagues experiences”

We run a 2 hour workshop for field/community based staff and bring teams together to discuss their experiences and concerns. The feedback to date has been really positive. Staff benefit from peer to peer learning and get a better understanding of how to manage their risks. We work together on a personalised team checklist and encourage all staff to refer to this every morning before visits. No complacency allowed!

Cost is £225+VAT per session. Delivered at your venue. Numbers flexible but works best with 8-12 delegates. Please get in touch for more details.



Bribery, fraud and corruption

bribery act

If you have any concerns then please get in touch.


We have helped a variety of UK organisations address their Bribery Act risks. We can work with you to identify system weaknesses and, if required, put a strategy in place to address these. We can also assess and investigate any allegations of fraud and help you make informed sanctions decisions.



Independent investigations can help minimise reputation damage, protect staff and resources and offer strong governance assurances to external stakeholders. We can assist you with disciplinary matters or build a case for criminal and/or civil proceedings. We work with you throughout the entire process to ensure that all your objectives are met. Please get in touch for more details.


Lockdown (1)

How do we lock the door? Do we guard exits/entrances? How do we communicate with wardens throughout? What do we do about social media use? What do we say to visitors who want to leave the building? These are just some of the questions that have come up in the debrief sessions at our testing exercises recently.

If you would like to know more about how we can work with you to improve your lockdown procedures, then please get in touch.


Fraud Awareness Week

Cyber Fraud Screensaver

Holding a fraud awareness week in your organisation can help promote your anti-fraud culture and encourage staff to report any suspicions. You can download and use our screensavers each day of the week. If your systems are not compatible with screensaver promotions, then you can print these out and place round the office/kitchen areas or include them in staff bulletins/newsletters. Contact us for more details of other initiatives and for a better understanding of your organisations obligations to address fraud.



LCFS Services – a different option


Our mentoring service enables you to establish an in-house counter fraud whilst giving you the assurances that an experienced external provider can offer. This is a cost effective means of taking control of your fraud strategy with the added piece of mind that your counter fraud staff have the necessary support to help the organisation meet legislative and regulatory requirements. We offer between 10-20 days support per annum, typically over a 3 year period, acting as your accredited counter fraud specialist during the initial period before handing over responsibility to your nominated counter fraud lead(s). To find out more please contact nick@mackenziegrey.org.

LCFS brief

Advanced Disciplinary Interview Skills

advanced interview banner

We are now taking bookings for this one-day workshop. Aimed at managers and HR staff who regularly carry out disciplinary investigations, our experienced trainers will guide delegates through the widely acclaimed PEACE interviewing model in a workshop style session that is relaxed, practical and interactive.

See brochure below for more details and please contact nick@mackenzigrey.org for booking enquiries.

PEACE for disciplinary

#disciplinary interviews

Lone Worker Workshop


Do your lone-workers have sufficient support? Does the training they receive meet their needs? Are you confident that they are taking all the necessary actions to mitigate against risks? If you have any doubts then please contact us to find out more about our lone-worker workshops. Our 2 hour sessions are delivered at your offices and are designed to bring team members together so that they can discuss local issues and concerns. We work with each group to consider practical solutions as well as discussing legal and local policy requirements.  Delegates are encouraged to work together to ensure that their future working practices minimise lone working risks. Contact nick@mackenziegrey.org for more details.

Lone-worker workshop brief sheet

Counter Fraud Standards


Our Counter Fraud Standards are designed to assist your organisation in creating a robust anti-fraud culture. They help provide internal and external assurances through a self assessment process that can be used to help identify system weaknesses as well as recognising good practice. We can work with you to implement the program and then, if required, provide an ongoing service tailored to your needs. Please get in touch for more details.

Counter Fraud Standards


GDPR. stop. think before you click on the link.

A warning to be extra careful at this time as we are all experiencing an unprecedented level of emails from companies, some we have been in contact with recently, some we haven’t for many years. Airbnb customers have fallen victim to scammers recently and many more similar stories are sure to unfold in the coming weeks. Many emails can be left unanswered but, if you feel that you do need to respond, try visiting the company website first (from your web browser) to see if there is any other opt in/out options. Or phone or email the company to try and verify the request and do it this way.